Security Dog Hoodie Shirt

Features & details

  • ❤Technical fabric for pets, soft, elastic, quick-drying, light, breathable, not easy to get dirty
  • ❤Pet skin can't sweat. Human fabrics that wick away moisture and get dirty easily are not the best
  • ❤Avoiding wet and dirty clothes is good for pet skin, reduces laundry and saves your time and effort
  • ❤"Security" print is made of a light-absorbing material, it will glow beautifully in the dark
  • ❤Dog and cat shirts are suitable for all seasons, this fun safety print can keep your family safer

Size guide - Measure before ordering
Your carefully choice will avoid plenty of inconvenience of returns. Always choosing the size by the measurement of your pet (The chest girth and back length),not the weight or breeds simply. If your pet is under one year old and still growing, please take this into consideration when choosing the size.