FELIX® Original Fish Selection in Jelly

  • 100% of your cat’s daily needs met through the targeted nutrition our cat food provides.
  • We include high levels of vitamins D & E to keep your cat supported.
  • Source of Omega 6 and specially added antioxidants support natural defences and keep your cat fighting fit!
  • We use high quality ingredients for the best tasting flavours in all our recipes.
  • Individual pouches make mealtimes easier and more convenient!
  • The ultimate selection of cat food for fish-loving felines! A fish feast they can enjoy whilst receiving 100% of their daily needs through the high quality nutrition we include in our recipes. Recipes include saithe with sardine, salmon with trout, shrimp with plaice and tuna with cod so your cat can try an assortment of flavours A great dining experience for your cat to enjoy.
  • Meat and animal derivatives; fish and fish derivatives (salmon/tuna/cod/plaice 4%); molluscs and crustaceans (prawn 4%); derivatives of vegetable origin; minerals; various sugars.

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