Fresh 'n Clean Tearless Dog Shampoo - Light Vanilla Scent

Don’t risk washing your baby pup with regular dog shampoo—Pet Ag’s Fresh 'n Clean Tearless Dog Shampoo has a light Vanilla Fresh scent and cleans gently, avoiding uncomfortable skin and eye irritation. This pH-balanced shampoo cleans thoroughly and leaves puppies soft and silky, combating mats and tangles for worry-free grooming. Tearless formula won’t irritate delicate eyes, while moisturizing aloe Vera and vitamin E soothe skin and help avoid dryness.

  • Key Benefits: Gentle shampoo for puppies avoids skin and eye irritation.
  • Cleans thoroughly without drying or stinging. Vanilla scent keeps puppies smelling good long after bath time.
  • Moisturizing formula made with vitamin E and aloe for skin health.
  • Strengthens coats and leaves them soft and shiny.
  • Combats tangles and knots for easier grooming.