Pet Puppy Nursing Kit

  • Soft silicone material. It is bite-resistant, heat-resistant, flexible, non-collapsing, non-leakage, and the bottle can be reused. The bottle is very soft, easy to squeeze, and will not harm your pet's teeth.
  • 2 sizes-60ml and 150ml. You can choose the size you need. There are 5 pacifiers for the 60ml bottle and 2 pacifiers for the 150ml bottle. Different types of pacifiers meet the needs of new-born pets and small animals at all stages.
  • Scale mark. There are precise scales on the surface of the bottle, which can control the intake of food and prevent the intake of too much or too little, which is very convenient.
  • With cleaning brush. It is easy to clean the baby bottle. Pets need to clean the bottle in time after each feeding.
  • Use steps: 1. Please clean the pet bottle, bottle cap and nipple with warm water before use. 2. Use a needle to make a small hole on the nipple or draw a cross with a blade. 3. When the liquid from the squeezed pet bottle flows out, you can feed the animal.